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Stressed is desserts spelled backward!

We like to say stressed is 

(spiritual) desserts spelled backward.

  Thank you for visiting the funzen bakery, food for thought, 

virtual sips of tea, spiritual espresso tips, and soul treats.

“Save room for dessert” Kate Spade


It’s a treat if it makes you smile.  = )



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Open your Heart. Empty your Cup: aka Leave your ego at the door.  When our cup is empty we recapture the child-like ability to learn mindfully with a beginner’s mind. I teach the inner mechanics to reach excellence by gaining mastery of the fundamentals. In Japanese, the word for black belt is “Shodan,” in translation, this means “first step” and embodies the zen mind, beginner’s mind of a lifelong learner.  Now, I have learned enough to really begin learning.  Training to shift from a worrier to a warrior, when we’re under pressure, is becoming part of the solution to earn a black belt for your soul.  Never stop learning. Simply put, ‘It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” John Wooden


Leave your ego at the door, B&N Bookfair “Reading is Awesome” 8/28/16




 In the words of Audrey Hepburn, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”


girls bestie


FunZen girls appreciate Dr Ben Michaelis mentioning the miracle diamond via a tweet in 2013. Three years later, keeping calm to grind and shine, Our Miracle Diamond of Mindfulness is sparkling and shining brighter than ever.

Note, many of us heard our mothers say, “sit up straight” and we did the opposite.

Now, consider what felt impossible is now possible when you carry this sparkling gem,

                                                                The Miracle Diamond’s  Inner Dancer Mantra: “When the body lifts, the mind shifts, and the spirit soars.”




Inspirational Soul Recipe

Easy as pie, 1 2 3

Beginner’s zen mind steps to activate your Miracle Diamond, (girls bestie) Mindful Posture Tool to Feel Tall, Light, and Firmly rooted in the here and now. Note, being willing to learn how to play your instrument of divinity is the first stage. Gaining total command of your body-soul instrument comes effortlessly from being in balance through alignment.

Lace up: (lower black triangle) nature’ girdle or corset is the dancer’s secret strength to maintain feeling uplifted. Simply lift the pubic bone up in front to engage lower abdomen (pressing inward and upwards towards your spine) and deep gluteals, (modified pelvic tilt). Go a little deeper, squeeze and hold sit bones together, (embraced) also practice kegels-tighten up perineum or pelvic floor a few times a day.  Learn more,  Root Lock-Mula Bandha- Your Ticket To Infinity and Beyond by David Life

Lift up: (upper white triangle)-feel both sides of your waist elongating  as you slightly lift right under your sternum, breastbone, (wishbone) to experience   the ribcage lift. (uplifted) When you’re uplifted you create breathing space to take a breath of fresh air.

Sky up: Soften and tuck in your chin to elongate the back of your neck now aligned with the rest of your spine. “Keep Your Head to the Sky”  as the legendary band, Earth, Wind and Fire’s song suggests. Remember, keep both feet on the ground and sky up to elevate your heavenly crown.

                                                Note, feeling tall on the inside even when you’re sitting down. Meet my mentor, Jewish fairy Godmother, Helen Fleder ,author, of  Shape Up as you sit, stand and walk, it’s nature’s Miracle Exercise. Helen designed the miracle diamond and graciously shared it with me to share with you.

Find out why slouching can make us feel depressed, and keeping our Head to the Sky can keep us Focused, Inspired, and Confident!

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learn more, Magic Mood Booster -Posture Connection 

One Move with Many Blessings!

Meanwhile, enjoy our short FunZen girls tutorial on how to activate the Miracle Diamond of Mindfulness to stay embraced and uplifted on point.

Our Mindful Posture Tool only takes one move (dual action) to effortlessly take us from Slouch to Stretch!

1)  Lifting up takes you there (inner ribcage lift).

2) Lacing up keeps you there (engage core).

Mindful body-awareness keeps us anchored in the present moment. The instant we catch ourselves slouching (we all do) we can lift right under the breastbone and magically shift from slouch to centered, stretched, strong and stress free like a deeply rooted tree.

Self-love Challenge: Polish your miracle diamond of mindfulness everyday to build trust being your own bestie. The first step is quieting down the inner critic or bully. Powered by 3Gs stay Grounded in your breath, Grateful -a grateful heart is a miracle magnet, counting blessings not stressings, Gorgeous You are enough-comfortable and joyful in your own skin radiating authenticity, be you and do you with fearless confidence. You are training your instrument of divinity to maintain the feeling of being in balance, embraced and uplifted, on point.






Accept and acknowledge your own brilliance. Stop waiting for others to tell you how great you are! 

Being a badass (ballerina) is unapologetically accepting and loving your brilliant, beautiful, and bold body-soul. Say it and mean it “I am enough”, right here and now. 

Believe it for yourself. Check out my story on how Iyanla Vanzant helped me unleash my brilliance.