The Best Kept Secret is Out! My Mistakes, Miracles, and Most Treasured Gem

I am most proud of motherhood, which gave my life a singular purpose. I still celebrate the opportunity to see the world through the window of a child, which reminds me everyday to practice mindfulness sooner and not sweat the small stuff.  FunZen heart♡note

Being the best kept secret is a good thing unless you see the value of what you have. For me, being born into a famous zen lineage was a struggle until my daughter, Grace was born. The inner conflict became apparent when I heard from my great grandfather’s secretary, Mary Farkas, how much I resembled my great grandpa, (Sokei-an Sasaki Roshi) and carried his divine current. At the time, in the early eighties I didn’t know how to handle that, because I was basically raised by my father’s Robinson side of the family who is Black and European (Italian, Irish).
Certainly what was clear to me, was that I knew that everyone has zen presence, a radiant luminosity but often are unaware of it. My conflict growing up as a spiritual being having a physical experience was the suffering I experienced when I felt any envy from my family or others. I simply didn’t want anyone to feel left out.