Keep Calm and Be Yourself – Q&A with Michael Goode & the FunZen Girls






 Michael Goode, my  Mom, and I



Hi, it’s Grace! My mom and I went to go see Michael Goode speak recently at a SAG event. After hearing him talk, we were so inspired by what he had to say that we decided to interview him! We hope that this Q&A piques your curiosity and that you will be inspired to contact Michael Goode to learn more.

Michael I. Goode’s Performance Under Pressure™ workshop helps actors, musicians, dancers, voiceover artists and any other performer understand and conquer their stage fright and learn new techniques by which to work more efficiently in a creative situation without the annoying problem of performance anxiety. In this workshop, you will not only understand what stage fright is and isn’t, but you will also be given exercises that you can try in simulated work situations. As artists, you will be able to take away and use the skills you learn in this workshop whenever performance anxiety may try to interfere. You will learn to become more comfortable under pressure and to spot stage fright when it tries to overtake your performance. In addition, you will learn how to effortlessly push such distractions away and remain in “the zone” where you always do your best work.

Q: What is Psychoneuromusicology?

A: A new field of science I invented to study performers that covers the psychological, emotional, and neurological aspects of performing artists’ mindsets.


Q: What inspired you to write your upcoming book “Your True Self?”

A: My clients, my research, and my observations from my own life.


Q:When did you realize that your tools would be beneficial to actors?

A :When I was doing my first book tour in California for my book on Stage Fright, and an actor came up to me and said: “Your work would be great for actors.”  He was very enthusiastic.


Q: We notice a decline in discipline or work ethic. How would you suggest a person begin to develop discipline?

A: Going inward and observing nature.


Q:What does self-love have to do with improved performance?

A: The more genuine self-love, the better the performance.  A large ego is falsely assumed to be self-love; it is not.  It’s just the opposite.  Genuine self-love is different and distinctive and most people don’t have it, or have it enough, or understand it.


Q: Soul signature question.. How does one get centered to experience successful performance under pressure?

A: By going inward.

Michael Goode’s website:
Twitter: @stagefrightfixr