Inspired by Inside Out by Disney * Pixar



Hi guys! It’s Grace here. After watching Inside Out with my family this past 4th of July weekend, I was left feeling extremely inspired. How great it was to see a movie that communicated healthy messages about emotional wellbeing. It was awesome to see that the idea of learning how to manage and accept your “negative” emotions is mainstream enough to be accessible to kids of all ages through the medium of a Disney Pixar movie. Way back when I was first starting my voice over career and my mom was helping me cope with the stresses that came with the industry, I named what she taught FunZen, and the core lessons (e.g. mindfulness, centering, breathing exercises) she imparted to me are becoming more and more popular. Even though budget-cuts stopped our Disney FunZen project from coming to fruition in 2008, the importance of going from a worrier to a warrior is coming into the spotlight one step at a time.  Stay tuned for new blogs coming out where we interview Sensei Nadine (see below), a surprise celebrity voice over artist who was the voice of another favorite female superhero, and discuss being the hero of all of our own stories!

Here’s a quick and easy FunZen breath drill inspired by Inside Out!

Exhale Whoosh! Breathe INside ~1~2~3~4 Pixie Pause ~OUT 1~2~3~4

Music Pause ~up to 4 Beats

Ahhhh Inner Harmony from the FunZen Girls 14<3 #urloved

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Sensei Nadine’s Twitter: @girlsachamp
Check Out Her TEDx talk: