Note to Our Readers

FunZen Girls, Grace (daughter), Michiko (mom)

“To authentically teach someone, it’s helpful also to be a student of the techniques yourself. Your child will learn best through your example and modeling.” Linda Lantieri, MA

“The truth is simple. Make it clear, let it stand on its own. Don’t get lost in complications.”
– Maharishi  (Founder of Transcendental Meditation)
“Fun is every moment…I enjoy the present moment wherever I am. That’s fun enough for me.” – Eckhart Tolle
Note to our Readers!

“We cannot expect our children to embody an enlightened consciousness if we parents haven’t dared to model this ourselves. It all starts with us and how we parent.”With intellect and passion, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, author of The Conscious Parent, and The Awakened Family, proposes that becoming a conscious parent requires looking deeply and honestly within oneself, and delving into one’s own fears and shortcomings…It’s all these moment-to-moment instances that call for connection.”

Dr. Shefali Tsabary , The Conscious Parent; Transforming ourselves, Empowering our children, The Awakened Family

Thank you for supporting our vision of Ryan, The FunZen Kid and her experiences, and life lessons from A to Z, by choosing to shift from a worrier to warrior, gloom to bloom, and small to tall inside out. Recently, I was asked a couple of questions that both challenged and inspired me to clarify the intention of sharing this material. First, what is our target age group? all ages, all who love children, parents, teachers, caregivers. These books are interactive, and teach the spiritual principle of free will and how to apply it in your activities of daily living to creatively solve problems.
For example, a zen or spiritual perspective  reminds us that we can choose to be centered and not get stuck in our first reaction of anger or anxiety. Being mindful of our breath, opens our hearts with self compassion so we can feel our negative feelings and detach from them and let them go. Making the shift from a worrier to a warrior helps us embrace the discovery process of  choosing to be the hero of our own stories.
Grace’s most recent blog, Thanks-Living with the FunZen Girls, sharing her experience as a college freshman at USF -(private University in San Francisco). And, presenting our go to Mindful Posture Tool (short tutorial video); the Miracle Diamond- a girls bestie to feel zenergized, (happy-calm) embraced, uplifted, and blessed not stressed.

I resonate with Dr. Terri Kennedy’s heartwarming description of  the enlightening book The Little me and The Great Me by Lou Austin. She explains that  “there are two wills in every person: one – the will of the human self (the Little Me), the other – the will of the divine self (THE GREAT ME). Between these two forces there is a continuous running battle. The good news is that we have the freedom to choose between the two. In a very approachable manner, the book also teaches the power of breath. It explains that we can exhale the Little Me and inhale THE GREAT ME. How amazing is that! I certainly recommend this book to anyone from 3 to 103. It teaches some very fundamental principles in an easy-to-understand way. The illustrations are also quite fun. I gave my original book to my nephew, Daniel – but then had to buy another one for myself!”

Simply put, by discovering how to reach stillness, we can make better choices and choose responsibly between the nonsectarian “two Me’s” Our worrier, (human will) or warrior (Divine will).
FunZen is Chosen by Kids, kids of all ages to tune out, tune in, and tune up their body soul instruments using mindful tools to stay cool under pressure, unleashing their potential to shift from a worrier to warrior to keep zenergized or happy calm, confident, and learn faster.  Paramahansa Yogananda’s nugget of wisdom, “Learn to be calm and you will always be happy.”  helps to clarify the idea of balancing the opposite energies through centered breathing of yin-feminine- (calm) soothing energy and yang-masculine (active) stimulating energy. To clarify the application of  centered breathing, here’s a link to a short and bright video the FunZen girls created to cover the fundamentals called
All in all, we are all in this together as a human family, by ourselves and I am here to make your job easier.

Children including our inside child have more need of role modeling than critics.

There is a FunZen Kid inside of everyone.

The Worrier and the Warrior – A Fun Zen Kid Life Lesson

Ryan learns something new and life-changing from Cupcakes at the FunZen bakery

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Which cupcake is Ryan’s favorite?
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