Steven Universe’s Deedee Magno Hall’s Pearls of Wisdom


“Heroes feel the same fear as cowards; they just respond differently…The way itself creates the warrior.


We are all peaceful warriors in training, and every life is a hero’s journey.”  Dan Millman


“We are the hero of our own story.” Mary McCarthy


“In Steven Universe, the world is protected from evil threats by the Crystal Gems, a group of intergalactic female warriors who use the power of special gem stones embedded on their bodies to summon magical weapons.”




Who is Pearl? Pearl is one of the Crystal Gems in Steven Universe. She is one of the main female protagonists in the series. She is a superhero that uses her magical powers to fight evil threats and protect Beach City.


Pearl acts as a kind, motherly figure towards Steven, in some episodes treating him like her own son. She always speaks gently to him and is always the first show concern when taking him on a dangerous mission.


All Gems have many powers including the ability to summon a weapon, shapeshift, and retreat into their Gems after becoming injured to heal. Activating her Crystal Gem summons a magic spear. She is able to project holographic images from her Gem and has psychokinetic abilities. She can also fuse with Amethyst to create Opal.


 Recently, it was exciting to connect up with “Steven Universe’s” Deedee Magno Hall, the voice of Pearl. Here are her  Q&A answers to some of our questions. Note my soul signature question re. how she handles stressful moments and keeps calm to sparkle on and carry onward both professionally and personally as an awesome mother.

♥ What inspired you to get into voice-acting?

I’ve always loved cartoons and animated films, especially ones paired with singing, but voice-acting wasn’t a real career path for me until I discovered that the singing voices of Disney’s Jasmine and Mulan were of Lea Salonga. (I had been a fan of her voice since my parents bought me the Miss Saigon soundtrack.) I developed a deeper appreciation and paid more attention to the voices after that, and started to pursue voice-acting roles.


♥ What are the similarities between you and your character, Pearl?


I feel like, since I started working on Steven Universe over a year ago, more and more Pearl has evolved into a sort of heightened version of myself. I am a real life mother of two boys, so naturally my maternal instincts kick in as Pearl to try and keep Steven safe and far from danger.

♥ Do you have a girl powHer tip, or advice for kids of all ages to support their  dreams?

I just recently watched an ad on YouTube for @Always #LikeAGirl and loved it’s message about embracing who YOU are, and being the best YOU can be…not letting stereotypes, limits, judgement, anyone or anything negative hold YOU back from the best YOU can be. That’s what I got from it anyway, and that’s what I try to teach my kids…to always do their best and never give up. 

♥ How do you find the balance between work and motherhood and stay happy?

I’ve been so incredibly blessed to do what I love for a living. Although it can sometimes get a little challenging, it’s difficult to call it work when your living your dream, and the dreams of so many! Motherhood is by far the MOST challenging job I’ve EVER had, but the most gratifying! 

Music has always been present in my life ever since I was very young, and I want to keep that tradition alive with my children, with making up silly songs while we do our chores, having random dance parties, holding friendly Karaoke battles, or listening to live music! Basically, family, friends, good food and good music make me very happy! That, and endless hugs and kisses from my kiddos!
My soul signature question is ♥ How do you keep calm, carry on, and steady your nerves under pressure?

I don’t think I’ve ever NOT been nervous before a performance. What’s worked for me in the past is to be prepared, take deep breaths, warming up my mind, body and voice with proper training technics, and using that nervous energy in a positive way, keeping me grounded and focused. I also try to remind myself that I’m where I am because I enjoy what I do, and the moment I feel it’s not fun anymore, it’s time to move on!

Hero Journey Quotes

Hero lies in you

“We all live in suspense, from day to day, from hour to hour; in other words,
we are the hero of our own story.”  Mary McCarthy


Awakening Sleeping Beauty…”In every one of us there lies a sleeping beauty waiting to be awakened through love.” Sarah Ban Breathnach


“We’re not on our journey to save the world but to save ourselves. But in doing that you save the world. The influence of a vital person vitalizes.” Joseph Campbell


“The hero’s story is always a journey…but there are many stories that take the hero on an inward journey, one of mind, the heart, the spirit. In any good story the hero grows and changes, making a journey from one way of being to the next; from despair to hope, from weakness to strength, from folly to wisdom, from love to hate and back again. It’s these emotional journeys that hook an audience and make a story worth watching.” Christopher Vogler


“The ideal superhero is a master of martial arts, which at it’s core is a spiritual discipline.” Deepak Chopra


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