Thanks-Living with the FunZen Girls

Hi! It’s Grace. This August, I started my freshman year of college. As the holidays approach, I am very happy to be spending some time with my family again during my Thanksgiving break, and I am looking forward to my upcoming Winter Break where I will get to spend even more time back home. As it’s my first year, I’ve had to make some serious adjustments as I get used to life as a college student living in the dorms. Luckily, I have FunZen tools to make the transition SO much easier. With my newfound independence, I really have to make a concerted effort to keep using my FunZen tools. It is extremely easy to become overwhelmed and stressed out when I let things to do pile up.

However, I have the tools to center myself and find the center of the storm around me. Taking deep breaths and practicing mindfulness, I can come into vibrational harmony. When I am feeling lazy or unmotivated, I can switch my perspective and complete what I need to get done. This is all because I built up a strong foundation that I can rely on now that I am on my own (for the most part.) For example, by simply adjusting my posture and using my Miracle Diamond (Mindful Posture Tool), I can shift my mood to be better and brighter. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am truly grateful for my FunZen tools and how they help me get through my daily life easily and breezily. And now, I’m having fun being back with my mom and doing our fun exercises together again! My mom and I would love for other people to have these tools as well, because they are so helpful and so easy to use.